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  • Designation of Class B Highways Download
  • Ordinance 2022-01 Building Inspection and Permit
    Please link to Forms & Permits under the Government tab for the actual building permit and information page.
  • Resolution 2021-06 Exceed Levy Limit Download
  • Ordinance 2021-02 Plan Commission
    This ordinance establishes the plan commission, defines who can be a member, who appoints the commission, and sets the member's terms.
  • Plan Commission Ordinance
    This ordinance changes the number of plan commission members from seven (7) to five (5).
  • Resolution 2020-03 Discontinue Public Way
    Resolution 2020-03 vacates and discontinues part of 26 1/2 Street.
  • Resolution 2020-02 Waiving Interest and Penalties on Property Tax Payment Installments
    This Resolutions waives interest and Penalties on Property Tax Payments Installments Due on or After April 1, 2020, in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • Ordinance 2019-03 ATV-UTV Download
  • Resolution 2019-02 Discontinue Public Way Download
  • Ordinance 2004-03 Plan Commission Amended Download
  • Ordinance 2004-04 UDC Ord and Amendment Download
  • Ordinance 2005-01 Building Information and Inspection Download
  • Ordinance 2006-01 Adopt Comprehensive Plan Download
  • Ordinance 2012-03 Citation Ordinance Download
  • Ordinance 2012-05 Nonmetallic Mining Ordinance Download