About the Town of SumnerWelcome to our town's official website

The Town of Sumner is a rural residential town in Barron County, Wisconsin, located north of Chetek, WI and southeast of Rice Lake WI with the Blue Hills in the northeast part of the Town. Current population estimate is 701.

Some interesting early history:

The Town of Sumner was organized on March 30, 1874, the second town created in Barron County. At the time of creation, Sumner consisted of the north half of the Town of Chetek, all of present-day Town of Sumner, the west half of the Town of Doyle, and parts of the Towns of Prairie Lake and Stanley.

The unincorporated village of Sumner, between Chetek, and Canton was not only the major community in Sumner but considered a major community in Barron County. There was a dam and mill, blacksmith shops, schoolhouse, general store, post office and was a thriving settlement! But, when the railroad was built where present-day Canton is now, some citizens of Sumner moved to Canton to start over.

Balance on hand: March 31, 1891: $649.60. This money was used for the general fund, highway and bridge, poor fund, health fund, Alton bridge, and school district 6. Road overseers were appointed by district, there were 8 road districts in the town. Election clerks and inspectors were paid $2.25 and ballot clerks $1.50. On May 23, 1891 the Town issued cemetery deeds for $2.00. On August 15, 1891 FM Simpson was named Sumner Cemetery Sexton. He was in charge of the gate key and was not to allow burial without a paid deed!

The historical information is from a compilation of early Town of Sumner history by local historian and former Town Clerk, Esther Bandli, created March 2001 for the Sumner Town Hall Dedication.