Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Annual Town Meeting?
The Annual Town Meeting is held yearly. It is a meeting of the electors (or citizens) of a town to exercise powers directly.  It is, by law, held on the 3rd Tuesday of April. No notice of the meeting is required.  However, we generally post in advance of the meeting. The agenda always contains a general item basically stating that any matters allowed by law are allowed.  The UW-Extension Local Government Center has an excellent handout,  Town Meeting Fact Sheet  explaining the town meeting.

How do I get a building permit?

Contact the Building Inspector, Darryl Dostal at 715-458-0741 or 715-205-7741. Mr. Dostal is responsible for building inspections as well. We also recommend contacting Barron County Zoning at 715-537-6375. The Zoning Department is the best source regarding lot size, setbacks and other issues in case a variance is needed.

How do I get a driveway permit?
Contact the Town Patrolman, Cory Svoma, at 715-403-0700. He will review your plans and issue the permit. A driveway permit is $5.

How do I get a topic on the Town Board Agenda?
You may contact either the Town Board Chair, Steve Palmquist at 715-651-2965 or Town Clerk at 715-859-6250. We require a 10-day notification deadline prior the the meeting to place items on the board's agenda. The Chairman has the discretion to waive the deadline. The purpose of the deadline is to allow adequate time to prepare and post the agenda. In addition, it allows us to better inform the public about the items on the agenda.

I have some property to rezone. What is the procedure to get that done?
Since the Town of Sumner is under Barron County Zoning, contact Barron County Zoning regarding the procedure. They will provide you with the necessary forms. After the town receives the Township Consideration Form, we can place the petition on the agenda.

When does the Town have a clean-up day?
Cleanup Day is held on the 2nd Saturday in May. Generally, the town takes tires (limits apply), electronics, and other items. Fees may be charged for some items. Details are posted on this website at least 2 weeks before cleanup day.

There are dogs running at large on my property. Who do I contact about this?
The Barron County Sheriff's Department Animial Control Officer should be contacted at 715-537-3106.

When does the Town's assessor begin the yearly assessment of town property?
The assessor begins to review property assesments beginning in March or April.  However please contact the assessor anytime during the year with questions about your assessment. Please see contact information here. 

What is Open Book?
Open Book is generally held 1 week before Board of Review. The Open Book meeting allows taxpayers to review the town's assessment roll and personally meet with the assessor. This is a good opportunity to meet with the assessor to make corrections to property assessments.

What is Board of Review?
Board of Review meets annually during the 45 day period beginning the 4th Tuesday in April (sec. 70.47 Wis. Stat.) Among other duties, the Board of Review hears taxpayer's objections to their property assessment. The taxpayer must give notice of objection to the Town Clerk at least 15 days prior to appearing at the Board of Review hearing. Please check this website or the bulletin board at the town hall for the Board of Review notice.

Where can I learn more about the assessment process and the Board of Review?
The Department of Revenue has provided a number of guides to the assessment process and Board of Review.  Department of Revenue Government Publications  has the following guides: Guide to Property Owners, Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual and other publications.